Advanced Epidemiology 2016

Advanced Clinical Epidemiology Seminar Series:

Literature and Methods to Understand Health Disparities of Vulnerable Populations

Overall Goal of the Seminar Series:

To acquire the knowledge and skills to critically appraise literature that uses methods common in assessing and intervening in disparities in health and health care


  1. To learn ways in which the social determinants of health preserve and worse health disparities
  2. To learn ways in which the health care system preserves and worsens health disparities at the provider, delivery system, and financing levels
  3. To develop critical appraisal skills in meta-analyses, decision-analyses/cost effectiveness studies, and health services research common in studies of health disparities

 The methods we will focus on during this course are:

  1. Observational literature – confounding
  2. Observational and experimental literature – survival analysis
  3. Qualitative methods
  4. Meta-analysis
  5. Decision analysis and cost effectiveness analysis
  6. Bayesian interpretation of clinical trials

You will be asked to read, and to prepare questions for discussion for each session. Please come prepared!