Abortion Referral

To schedule an appointment, the provider or staff (NOT the patient) should contact the family planning team at their dedicated phone number: 917-626-9627.  
**If the family planning team does not answer the phone, send them an email and a flag with the patient's name AND a confidential contact number.  

Members of the family planning team: 
  • Faculty: Marji Gold, Dana Schonberg, Tara Stein
  • Fellows: Bhavik Kumar

Important steps prior to abortion referral:
  1. Determine the gestational age (must be 9 weeks or less on day of abortion)
    • Ask about LMP
    • Perform bimanual pelvic exam to confirm dates
    • If patient unsure of LMP, but based on history/exam is likely <9 Weeks, refer her to Family Planning at FHC.  Alert her that if she is >9+ weeks, they cannot do the abortion at FHC.
  2. Counsel her about the two early abortion options available at FHC:
    • Medication abortion
    • Procedural (manual vacuum aspiration: she will be awake, local anesthesia)
    • If the patient prefers a procedure or she is undecided, she will be scheduled for a Tues AM
    • Early Abortions Handout
  3. Labs:
    • Ensure that an Rh type is in the computer (do not need full type & screen, does not need to be recent)
    • CBC is NOT necessary
    • Serum hcg - only for women having a medication abortion
      • If you are ordering blood work for Rh AND she will see the Family Planning team within 24 hrs, order the hcg.
      • If her appointment is >24hrs after you see her, the Family Planning team will will check an hcg level the day of the abortion (and at follow-up)
The family planning team is available most days of the week at FHC to provide medication abortions, miscarriage management, IUD & implant insertion/removal, etc.  They do schedule appointments for Tuesday mornings (when they do procedural abortions) and Wednesday afternoons.