SGIM Overview

Facilitators: Erin Goss and Shwetha Iyer

In preparation for the session, take a look at the schedule for the SGIM meeting schedule
Also, download the SGIM itinerary app.
  • Learn about themes
  • Learn how to approach a poster session
  • Identify interest groups to attend
  • Identify key must-not-miss sessions

SGIM Report

Facilitators: Felise Milan, Darlene Lefrancois, Chinazo Cunningham


The goal of SGIM Abstract Review session is to acquire experience in critically analyzing research results, to acquire experience in summarizing and presenting these results, and to help you get the most out of the Meeting.



  • Go to the SGIM meeting schedule and select 2-3 posters from 1-2 of the following poster sessions that you would like to attend/critique.
  • E-mail your choices to Erin Goss ( no later than Wednesday evening, May 4. She will select one poster and e-mail this back to you (the primary purpose of this “screening” is to avoid duplication, and to create evenly sized groups).
  • Meet your assigned faculty guide at the entrance to the poster session 10 minutes before the session start time. Decide as a group when and where to meet after you individually review your assigned poster (likely 15 minutes after the session start).
  • Find your selected poster and using the attached SGIM Abstract Critique sheet as a guide, review the abstract paying careful attention to the methods, results, strengths, and limitations of the study.  Ask the presenter to describe her/his work to you.
  • Return to your designated meeting space at the time determined above. Your faculty guide will then lead your group to visit the 3-4 selected posters. You will present your summary to the group while the faculty mentor provides feedback and guides discussion. 
  • Have fun!




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