Community Based Tracks

There are currently five different tracks available. See below for information on your track.

Homeless Health

Days: Tuesday mornings (Living Room/van), Wednesday mornings (The Brook)

The Living Room will be precepted by Dr. Andrea Littleton.  She can be reached at the following numbers:

Cellphone: 914-562-5896

Pager: 917-738-8843

This track combines experiences in the Living Room, a 24-hour drop-in center run by Bronxworks in Hunts Point, and the Brook, a Bronxworks supportive housing unit on E. 148th St for formerly homeless adults with “special needs” such as serious mental illness or HIV/AIDS.

Clients at the Living Room have access to hot meals, a laundry room, medical and psychiatric care, and a case worker who can assist with housing placement, benefits assistance, and referrals for substance use treatment. Clients at the Brook receive permanent supportive housing, with on-site medical care by an internist and psychiatrist, and work closely with case managers and social work staff.

If you elect this track, you will be assigned several sessions at the Living Room with a combination of outreach van, case conferences, and clinical work with patients. At the Brook, residents will have the opportunity to provide care within the building where patients live, visits patients in their homes, and work closely with case managers to provide team-based care.

Residents will be expected to give a community education talk to staff from all of Bronxworks, on which they will receive coaching and feedback from the preceptors. Additionally, at the Brook, they may take on the role of a “visiting expert clinician” and run a group session for clients on a health topic. 

The objective of this track is to learn about delivering care to homeless residents and formerly homeless residents in the Bronx. 

Directions from CHCC can be found here.

VCBC/Incarcerated Persons

This track will be precepted by Dr. Ross Macdonald. He can be reached at the following number/address:
Office: 347 578-5607
Cellphone: 917 539-0780

Days: Monday mornings

The Incarceration Health track will expose residents to the care of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons. Residents will travel to a jail site located in the Bronx (the Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center, otherwise known as the “Barge”) and possibly also to Rikers Island over , 2-3 morning sessions per ambulatory month to work with physicians caring for incarcerated persons. 1. VCBC is an 800 bed unit that is located on a barge docked in the East River at Hunt’s Point.  It was bought to accommodate overflow from Rikers Island’s mainland site, and has been in use since 1992.  Residents in this track see patients at the Barge, usually on Wednesday mornings. There is also the opportunity to follow a health educator when she rounds on the units’ floors. Residents are encouraged to enhance their experience by reading selected articles prior to their visits to facilitate conversations with their preceptors and understanding of the epidemic of mass incarceration and its effects on public health; health risks inherent to the process of incarceration; interactions between jail and community health; and the physician’s role in advocacy for vulnerable populations.

The location of this track is  1 Halleck Street. When entering the jail, it is only necessary to carry your Montefiore ID, Driver's License, stethoscope, and pen. All other belongings should not be carried.

*IF DRIVING, please email Ross your vehicle model/ year/ color/ license plate state and number 2 weeks in advance of your first session.*

* 2 articles to read in advance are attached at the bottom:

AJPH Public to Private

NEJM Mass Incarceration

Directions from CHCC can be found here.

Substance Abuse

This track will be precepted by Dr. Melissa Stein, who can be reached at the following numbers/addresses:
Clinic phone: (718) 665-7500
Pager: 917-556-4265
Address: 804 East 138th Street

The Substance Abuse track will take place at Einstein’s Division of Substance Abuse (DoSA) Port Morris Wellness Center. Einstein’s DOSA is the largest addiction treatment program in the Bronx, serving over 3500 people in eight outpatient facilities throughout the borough. Physicians at DOSA provide both substance abuse treatment and primary care.  The objective of this track is for the resident to develop knowledge and skills to care for patients with substance use disorders and to learn about recovery.  Patients at DOSA are treated either with methadone or buprenorphine for their substance use, and they also receive their HIV and Hepatitis C care at DOSA.  Residents in this track see patients on their own and are then precepted by DoSA physicians.  Residents learn to feel more comfortable caring for patients with substance use history, will get a sense of what it is like to be a patient in a substance abuse treatment facility, and will learn how methadone maintenance works.  If you elect this track, you will be assigned to 2-3 morning sessions at DOSA seeing patients. 

If you are coming from CHCC after AMR, we have limited funds to pay for you to take a cab from CHCC to Port Morris. If you are not coming from AMR, or have been told otherwise, you are expected to get to this location on public transportation.

When taking a cab, you will need to pay upfront and we will reimburse you. Please ensure that you get a receipt displaying the name of the cab company and the total amount you paid. This receipt can be brought up to Josephine Byfield at the RPSM office, where we will then process your reimbursement.

Solo Practice/Nursing Home/Hospice Care

This track will give residents a chance to experience primary care outside of the FQHC setting. 

Residents have the opportunity to practice across three sites:

1) With Dr. Darren Esposito in his private practice office. Residents will learn about the differences in providing care in this setting versus their own residency clinic site, as well as operational differences in this setting from the point of view of a private practice clinician, such as billing.  Additionally, residents will accompany Dr. Esposito to the nursing home where he provides care to patients to learn about long-term care for the elderly and disabled.

2) With various health care providers at Calvary Hospital, the only acute care hospital dedicated to palliative care in the United States.  Residents will have palliative care didactics and observorship opportunities with advanced cancer patients and other end-stage patients. 

3) With Dr. Kutzy at the Metropolitan Jewish Hospital System Hospice and Palliative Care.  Residents will experience palliative and hospice care in the home setting.  

Hep C Skills-based track

Days:  Tuesday and Friday mornings

The goal of this track is to expose residents to populations at risk for hepatitis C, and enhance resident skill at assessing patients for Hepatitis C treatment as well as counseling and monitoring patients during treatment. Unlike other community based tracks- this track will mainly occur at CHCC, although there may be an opportunity to work with community based partners committed to harm reduction (in process of being confirmed). The track will likely include opportunities to Shadow a Hep C provider, followed by precepted encounters with Hep C + individuals undergoing treatment evaluation at CHCC; Participate in the Project Inspire Hep C conference call; Shadow group-based Hep C treatment (through Brianna Norton’s grant); Partner with the New York Harm Reduction Educators outreach van to find substance users in the community and provide Hep C and harm reduction education (to be confirmed). This track is ONLY available to PGY-3 residents; PGY-2 residents will be encouraged to choose an experience that exposes them to alternative models of delivering primary care outside of the CHCC model.