March 19: Osborne Society (Faculty: Alda, Aaron)

Take own transportation

8:55 - Meet at Osborne - 809 Westchester Ave,Bronx 10455; (718) 707-2600  - BREAKFAST WILL BE PROVIDED BY OSBORNE

9:00 - 12:00     The Osborne Association

12:00 - 2:00   Lunch debrief with Aaron

Our visit to the Osborne Association
 is another  opportunity to understand the profound and destructive role played by the correctional system in the inner city.

Osborne attempts to ameliorate the damage, and help the people released from jails and prisons to successfully transition back into their communities: repair or make lives, get education, training, and employment, and get the medical/mental health/substance abuse treatment they need. CHCC has established a link to Riker's Island and Osborne, and provides rapid access to medical care through its Transitions Clinic program, run by Matt Anderson and Aaron Fox.

  • New Yorker article: The Caging of America, Why do we lock up so many people?
  • Card study done by Minesh Shah (PC/SM grad)  and Matt Anderson at CHCC (!) asking patients about current and past involvement in criminal proceedings, arrest, and incarceration. This was a resident project. The pdf is at the bottom of this page.

Questions to think about and ask the experts:

1. Why are the jails and prisons filled with inner city, disadvantaged, minority group males- huge numbers of African American and Latino men?
2. What impact does incarceration have on the individuals and their families?  on a community like the Bronx?
3. How does it affect their future lives and prospects? 
4. How common is recidivism (the revolving jail door), and what can be done to reduce it?
5. What medical, mental health, and substance abuse problems face this population and how are they being addressed?  Are they being addressed?
6. What are the barriers to health care after release from jails and prisons? How can they be overcome?  How can we help?

Directions from Montefiore (approx 20 minutes by car)

Bronx River Pkwy South

Take exit 3 toward Westchester Ave

Merge onto Harrod Ave

Turn Right at Westchester Ave and drive 1.6 miles

Osborne will be on the right (809 Westchester Ave)

Directions by Subway

Approximately one block away from the Prospect Ave subway stop on the #2 or 5  line. 

Osborne is on the corner of Westchester Ave and 158th St.

Alda Osinaga,
Mar 15, 2012, 2:44 PM