March 28: Food Justice in the Bronx (Faculty: Alda, Tori and Bill Jordan)

9:00 - Meet at CHCC lobby to walk to the Mobile Market

10:00 - 12:00 Meet with Dr Bill Jordan to discuss  Food Justice in the Bronx at CHCC - Administrative conference room

On Wednesday, March 28th, you will join Tori and myself for a visit to the Mobile Market, a bimonthly fresh produce open-air distribution event for low-income families near our clinic. The Market is sponsored and supported by City Harvest, a food rescue organization that delivers free food to ~600 community food programs throughout New York City. City Harvest rescues 100,000 pounds a food a day, helping to feed 1 million people a year.
We will have a discussion about food insecurity and how it impacts health, especially its paradoxical link to obesity. Tori will discuss the results of a card study that took place at CHCC and other MMG clinics in 2010, dealing with food insecurity in our patients (please see her paper here).
After the market visit, you will meet with Dr Bill Jordan, a social family medicine graduate and current faculty member, who has worked closely with the Bronx DOH on understanding and addressing food justice issues in Harlem and the Bronx. You will discuss how food impacts health,  inequalities in food access, and discuss solutions and policy.