March 27: Addiction Treatment-Tailoring Modalities to Patients- The Therapeutic Community

9:45 am - Meet at Palladia/Starhill 1600 Macombs Rd (near Mt Eden & 174th St) Bronx NY 10452
10am-12pm-     Palladia
                            Residential Therapeutic Community Treatment (previously called Project Return)    Note: it is located at the site of old Calvary Hospital.  
Star Hill ‑‑ 1600 Macombs Rd (near Mt Eden & 174th St) Bronx NY 10452
                            ***Ask for Ken Worthy - Program Associate
                            Dan Meltzer, Director, Star Hill 718-299-3300 x2227);

                            Jim Hollywood, Facility Coordinator (x2224; fax: 718‑299‑5905) 

1:30-2:30pm - Discussion: Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) - with Bruce Soloway, Vice Chair, Department of Family and Social Medicine. Location: RPSM, Dr Soloway's office on the 2nd floor. Please see the one reading on PCMH on the March 8th page. This is the major article for PCMH. The concept of PCMH is one possible future of primary care. The government has become interested in it as a model to deliver better and more cost-effective care. It may be the new reimbursement model of the future? Please read the article so you can take full advantage of the time you have with Dr Soloway. He is the spearhead of PCMH at Montefiore. CHCC will be getting money soon to become a "PCMH". What does that mean? How will that look for CHCC? How will that change patient outcomes? employee satisfaction? population health? These are things to discuss with Dr Soloway. You five will be have the opportunity to learn and then help us at CHCC figure out the best way to become a PCMH for our patients. Not many of the other residents have had this same opportunity.
3pm-4pm - Lecture: Mood Disorders in Women (Sharon Parish) - Centennial 3rd floor conference room

4pm-5pm - AMR with Hillary -  Centennial 3rd floor conference room 

On Tuesday, March 27th, we will visit a model substance abuse treatment program that exemplifies a specific treatment modality: The Therapeutic Community.

Therapeutic Community Treatment in the Bronx – Palladia          

Palladia (formerly known as Project Return) is a therapeutic community (TC) program for the treatment of drug addicted individuals.  The philosophy and goals of this program are about abstinence (not maintenance), and life transformation.  We will be meeting with Dan Meltzer, Assistant Director of Star Hill, and with several patients.

Patients will share their experiences with us, and will be expecting you to ask them questions so that they can provide information that is useful to you in learning about substance abuse and treatment in a residential therapeutic community.

Of interest: Palladia is located in the old Calvary Hospital.

Walking/Subway Directions: CHCC to Palladia
Leave CHCC and take a right on 161st St; walk 0.5 miles (approx 10 minutes) to Yankee Stadium;

Take the # 4 train 3 stops to Mt. Eden Ave;

Walk 1 block north on Jerome Ave., crossing over the highway;

Turn left onto Featherbed Lane.

Walk up the hill and turn right at Macombs Rd.

Starhill is on the right side of the street.


Some questions I would like you to think about and ask the staff at Palladia:

1)      Shouldn’t AA or NA suffice? What is the role/justification for lengthy residential drug addiction treatment?

2)      What is a “therapeutic community”?  How is it different from other kinds of drug treatment?

3)      How effective are therapeutic communities?  Is there outcome data?  What factors seem to predict success?

4)      How do court-mandated vs. voluntary patients do?

5)    Shouldn’t all addiction treatment use medications only as a short-term means of detoxification? 

                  Can therapeutic community treatment be combined with methadone maintenance or buprenorphine?

6)      What can drug-addicted patients tell us about improving the quality of the medical care we provide them?

See you Thursday March 27th at 10:00am at Palladia.