March 14: Argus and Cicero (Faculty: Laura Guderian)

9:45 AM- Meet Laura Guderian at CHCC lobby for van pick-up by Argus.

10am-12pm- Tour of Argus Community/ACCESS II Care Coordination offices and return to CHCC

1-2pm- Meet with Cicero Team at CHCC

At 10am you will take a tour of the Argus Community/ACCESS II Care Coordination offices where they provide a multitude of services for people living with HIV including substance abuse counseling, patient navigation, directly observed therapy for ARVs, assistance with housing, insurance and entitlement programs etc.

At 1:00,  after you have had lunch and are back at CHCC, you will meet the multidisciplinary HIV CICERO Team at CHCC, and hear about the terrific set of integrated  services available to HIV patients and their physicians at CHCC: HIV medical expertise available for consultation and guidance about HIV and state of the art ART, social services and case management, treatment education and adherence counseling, nutritional counseling, and HIV mental health services.  This team also provides services to other clinics in the Montefiore Medical Group 2   (aka MMG2).