March 23rd: End of Life Care (Faculty: Alda)

Take own transportation

9:30 - Meet at Calvary Hospital (only terminal care hospital in US): 1740 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY 10461 

Ask for the Palliative Care Institute (located in the basement).  When you arrive, ask for Ann Marie Colucci. If you are driving, parking is validated.

Robert Brescia MD, Director, Palliative Care Institute 
asst: Maryann Santarsiero; 718-518‑2202
Ann Marie Colucci – secretary to Dr Brescia 718-518-2147
Dr Allan Swerdloff will guide the tour

11:30 - Carpool back to CHCC for afternoon clinic

On Friday, March 23rd, we will visit Calvary Hospital, the only terminal care hospital in the US.  It is the red brick building, just down the street from Weiler and AECOM, immediately on the left after the underpass.  We will be meeting with Robert Brescia, head of the Calvary Palliative Care Institute. He will tell us about Calvary, and discuss terminal and palliative care and pain management.  We will then have the chance to accompany an attending to the wards.

Read info on Calvary's mission and it's Palliative Care Institute.

Some questions I would like you to think about and ask the staff and patients at Calvary:

1.         What is “Hospice?” What is “Palliative Care?”

2.         What is Calvary Hospital - is it a hospice program? Is it unique?  If so, in what way?

3.         What patients do they treat – only patients with cancer or patients with other terminal illnesses as well?  What is the average length of stay?  What is their philosophy of treatment?

4.         How do they approach pain management in the terminally ill?  

5.         How do they approach nutrition and hydration?  Mechanical ventilation?  Dialysis?

Directions from Calvary to CHCC:

Head south on Eastchester Rd toward Waters Pl

Continue onto Silver St

Slight right onto E Tremont Ave (1.7miles)

Continue onto Boston Rd (1.0miles)

Turn left onto Prospect Ave/Reverend Kenneth L Folkes Way

Continue to follow Prospect Ave

Turn right onto E 163rd St

Turn left onto Elton Ave/Washington Ave

Continue to follow Elton Ave

Elton Ave turns slightly right and becomes E 161st St