March 6: Addiction Treatment: Tailoring Modalities to Patients- Methadone Maintenance and Beyond (NO FACULTY)

Take your own transportation. No faculty who will accompany you on this trip.

10:00 - 11:30 - DOSA/ Port Morris Wellness Center 804 E. 138th St (E of Bruckner Blvd near intersection w/Willow Ave) 

When you arrive at DOSA, please go to the second floor and ask for Dr Melissa Stein

Melissa Stein MD;; 718-665-7500 , pager 917-556-4265

On Tuesday, March 6th, you will visit a model substance abuse treatment program that exemplifies a specific treatment modality: Methadone Maintenance.

Methadone Maintenance and Beyond: DOSA/Port Morris Wellness Center

The Port Morris Wellness Center in Hunts Point, opened in December 2007, is one of the newest facilities in the Montefiore/AECOM Division of Substance Abuse (DOSA). Patients at the DOSA clinics are opiate-addicted and treated with methadone maintenance.  In addition they receive a number of other medical and psychosocial services, including buprenorphine maintenance and nonpharmacologic drug treatment for other addictions (EtOH, cocaine, etc.)  You will be meeting with Melissa Stein, a graduate of the PCSM program, who will speak to you about Methadone Maintenance and the integration of comprehensive services.  

Some questions I would like you to think about and ask the staff at Pt Morris:

1)      What are the goals of treatment with methadone maintenance?

2)      How effective is methadone maintenance at promoting long term abstinence? Maintaining employment? Preventing HIV?

3)      Why do pts on high dose methadone ask for pain medication when they have an illness or injury?  Isn’t it just drug-seeking and manipulation, since they are already receiving highly potent narcotic analgesia?  How is methadone dosed in pain management?

4)      What myths do patients and physicians have about side effects?

5)  What concerns do patients have about methadone?  providers?  The community?  The government?

6)  What is the impact of the stigma associated with methadone maintenance?

7)  What can drug-addicted patients tell us about improving the quality of the medical care we provide them?


Directions: Montefiore to Pt. Morris

  • Merge onto BRONX RIVER PKWY S toward SOUND VIEW PK >> proceed 2.8 mi
  • Take the E 177 ST exit, EXIT 5, toward I-895 S/SHERIDAN EXPWY/TRIBORO BR >> proceed 0.1 mi
  • Merge onto E 177TH ST >> proceed 0.2 mi
  • Merge onto I-895 S/SHERIDAN EXPY toward TRIBORO BR >> proceed 1.8 mi
  • I-895 S/SHERIDAN EXPY becomes I-278 W/BRUCKNER EXPY >> proceed 0.7 mi
  • Take EXIT 45 toward E 138 ST >> proceed 0.2 mi
  • Stay STRAIGHT to go onto BRUCKNER BLVD >> proceed 0.4 mi
  • Turn LEFT onto E 138TH ST >> 804 E 138TH ST is on the RIGHT >> proceed 0.1 mi

13 minutes   /   7.23 miles

Nearest subway stop is: Cypress Ave on the #6 train. Walk east on 138th St, under the Bronx Expressway, to 804 E. 138th St, Bronx, NY