Cost-effectiveness Analysis (DeLuca)

Understanding the Cost Effective Analysis Literature


Goals and Objectives:

1.  To understand the clinical epidemiological principles that make up a well designed cost effective analysis (CEA).

2.  To understand the different types of “costs” analyzed in CEA.

3.  To understand the concept of quality adjusted life years (QALYs).

4.  To understand the principle behind and importance of sensitivity analyses in CEAs.

5.  To be able to read and analyze a cost effective analysis based upon a decision analysis model.

Preparing for the session -- Please read in the following order:

1.  User’s Guide to the Medical Literature: How to use an article on economic analysis of clinical practice. Are the results of the study valid? (JAMA, May 2007, 1552-1557)

2.  Cost Effectiveness of Screening for HIV in the Era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (NEJM, Feb 2005, 570-585)

3.  Cost Effectiveness of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination and Cervical Cancer Screening in Women Older than 30 years in the United States (Annals, Oct 2009, 538-545)

Use the attached to help guide you through the two studies.  Print out two copies (one for each article) and answer the questions as you read them.  Refer to the JAMA User’s guide for definition of terms and explanations.