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CICERO Update: monthly mtg, med adherence, support group, etc

posted Jan 13, 2014, 9:02 AM by PC/SM Chief Resident
From Erin Goss: The Cicero team would cordially like to invite you to join us for our monthly case conference this Tuesday January 14 between 1 and 2pm in the Lower Level Conference Room.
Present at the meeting will be our clinical pharmacist, adherence counselor, patient navigator, mental health team, and a representative from Argus - the community based organization that does much of the case management for our HIV+ patients. If you are unfamiliar with Cicero staff, please come to meet them and learn about their particular roles. If you have a patient you wish to discuss with the Cicero team - please bring the MRN and email me ahead of time if possible.
Topics for case conference could include: detectible viral load, adherence, comorbid mental health or substance use disorders, STD screening, housing or insurance issues, HIV related medical concerns, etc.
Other updates:
* HIV SUPPORT GROUP: Now meeting every Thursday from 1-2:15pm CHCC. See attached flyer. Please spread the word with your patients! If your patient is interested - please flag Brian Smith, our clinical psychologist.
* MEDICATION ADHERENCE PROGRAM: Have a patient who has trouble remembering to take their medications or forgets about scheduled apointments? Consider enrolling them in our med adherence program! The patient will receive a phone call or text reminding them of their meds once or twice daily. To Enroll: send a flag to me, Angela Giovaniello, and/or Norma Cordero -Adherence Counselor.
* 3 SITE GC/Chlamydia TESTING NOW EASIER: The CDC recommends STD screening of the pharynx, rectum, and urine for all HIV postive, sexually active men who have sex with men OR persons with a history of oral or anal sex. Instead of sending a gonorrhea culture, you can now send throat and rectal SWABS for GC/Chlamydia NCAT testing using the SAME swab you already use for cervical/urethral samples.
To Order in C-EMR: Searh "gc" and choose "GC/Chlamydia (Probe throat- sendout)" or "GC/Chlamydia (Probe rectal- sendout)." NEXT click "order details" tab and type "RLT." PLEASE NOTE - your test may come back with an error unless you type in the order details "reference lab test" or "RLT." The Montefiore lab is not certified to process them and they must be sent to Quest.