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HIV/Cicero Update

posted Sep 21, 2013, 5:33 PM by PC/SM Chief Resident
From Erin Goss:

I wanted to send you all a few updates about the Cicero program and HIV Care.

#1 Menactra vaccine for HIV+ MSM  -  When thinking about what vaccines to order for your patients this fall, please note that New York state Department of Health recommends the Menactra vaccine be provided to all HIV+ men who have sex with men, due to an outbreak in the city of meningitis in this population. See the link: 

We have received extra Menactra vaccines, so they are available in the clinic. If this risk factor is documented for your patient, Elenita has placed a flag in the EMR. If you don't know if MSM is listed as a risk factor or don't see her flag, you can ask your nurse to outreach to the patient for the menactra and flu shot, and given by the preceptor. Elenita asks me to remind you that if you do this, do not pre-order vaccines in the phone note. The vaccine must be ordered the day of the visit by the preceptor. 

#2 Labs- Most HIV+ patients (if well controlled) should come in for labs q3 months. Elenita asked me to remind you that lab orders are valid for 3 months from the day they are scheduled, so if you order labs to be drawn before your next clinic appointment, date the labs for sometime in the future around when you'd like the patient to come in. 

#3 Educational resources - physicians research network (www.prn.org) is an organization that does free CME on topics around HIV. They are held usually the 3rd Tuesday of the month and offer a free dinner. This month's CME focused on screening for anal cancer and therapeutic vaccines for HIV. If you are interested in free CME/free dinner, become a member and they'll email you dates of future sessions.

If you have any questions about HIV care, please let me know and I will try to include them in future regular updates to you.