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How to order something other than a vaccine that needs to be administered

posted May 18, 2011, 10:48 AM by Angela Jeffers
Examples:  B12, Depo or Testosterone to be injected, albuterol, atrovent, toradol, insulin, etc

(a)  Go to Medication Order as if you are writing a prescription.
(b)  Fill out the medication screen as if you are going to write an Rx except:
1.  under "instructions" write:  1000mcg IM times one NOW, Dx: B12 Def (NEED TO WRITE A DIAGNOSIS IN THE INSTRUCTIONS FIELD)
2.  under "duration":  write in 1 (meaning today)
3.  "quantity" and "refills":  LEAVE BLANK
4. do as "historic"
5.  OK and then sign
6.  Make sure that the diagnosis you write in the "instructions" field is also on your problem list or the nurses will not be able to administer
7.  Place document on "HOLD", send it to the nursing bin, then take it off hold to continue working on it (SAME AS YOU DO FOR IMMUNIZATIONS)
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