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PGY3s - no more MNEWs, saying good-bye to patients

posted Jan 25, 2014, 11:09 AM by PC/SM Chief Resident   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 11:09 AM ]
From Joe:

July 1st, 2011 -- seems like just yesterday when you were brand spanking new PGY Is.... how far we come!

It's that time in your training to start winding down your continuity practice at CHCC.   

A few things:
(1)  MNEWs -- as of Feb 1st you will no longer be on the MNEW list.  Your February schedules will reflect this as they will have more MFOLs and SDAs and no slots for MNEWs
In the very rare event that we have some urgent clinical need, you MAY get asked to see an MNEW -- please be gracious, treat the patient accordingly, and drop me a note so that I can troubleshoot the obvious error.   I know all of you, and I'm SURE that you would not, but please don't say things like, "I'm not supposed to get MNEWs"   or tell the patient, "Well I'm leaving in a few months so this visit doesn't make sense"    
For those of you who are continuing at CHCC (Lucy, Mary, and Daniel -- you will continue to get MNEWS)

(2)  Starting Telling Your Patients -- over the next few months begin to let your patients know that you will be leaving in June.   This is difficult for everybody.   Let the patient know what they should call for a new patient appt (not everybody can be seen in July-Aug, so please use some clinical judgment here).   
Under NO circumstances -- do not "reassign" the patient to one of your colleagues -- do not tell the patient or send them out to the front desk with a note saying, "follow-up with Dr Abare in 2 months" -- this creates chaos and many unhappy residents -- Dr Abare with a template full of MNEWs.
Start keeping a list of patients who you think should have a "Warm handoff"  -- patients whom you are concerned about and want to make sure we set them up with an appt -- you will then send me this list of patients, MR#s and 1-2 lines about their clinical needs -- In June, we will call these patients and make sure that they have f/us
IF there is a patient whom your box buddy knows well and you both think that care should be transferred to the attending -- please include this on your "warm handoff patient list"-- AGAIN do not send patient to the front desk with a note saying, "reassign pt to Dr Swiderski" --- not OK

(3)  June Debrief Meeting -- I would like to schedule an evening/dinner with all of you as sort of a debrief about CHCC -- I know that we meet monthly and talk about systems and ideas for change, but if you could be generous with your time (one more time!) and meet with me, I would love to discuss and hear your thoughts on how to improve the resident experience.

(4)  For those of you who may be working in another Monte location come July -- we can discuss preparing a letter for your patients as some may want to follow you.

This is the first of many activities as we get ready to graduate you from residency.    You will hear it again and again over the next 5 months, but let me be the first to say that it has been a COMPLETE PLEASURE working with all of you --- You have given so much of yourselves to our patients and it has been greatly appreciated.   You will always have a home here in PCSM and at CHCC.

Thanks to all