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Pharyngeal & Rectal GC/CT

posted Feb 9, 2014, 8:00 AM by PC/SM Chief Resident
From Rob Beil: 

So it seems there's a way to order DNA probe testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia of the throat and rectum.  As you know the CDC recommends GC/Ct screening in three sites (urethra/throat/anus) for sexually active MSM every six months.  Until recently the only ways I knew about at Monte to do this were to send GC culture or to label the throat or rectal swabs as urethral because the Monte lab isn't CLIA waived to run this test for those sites.


It turns out we can just ask them to do a send out test for these.  And we should as much as possible, partly because it's good for public health reasons and partly because the more send out tests we order the more it will light a fire under them to start doing them in house.


To order the tests:


Use the Aptima Unisex Collection kit we currently have for urethra sreening to swab either the client's throat or rectum. Label the sample as either rectal or pharyngeal swab, order the test "Chlamydia/GC (DNA probe) (swab)" - which is in the fourth column over in Frequently ordered labs of the grouping "MMC Labs" in EMR. Double click the order before you sign it and in the 'Instruction" box write that it's either a pharyngeal or rectal sample and is an "RLT" (which means Reference Lab Test or send-out).


One hears they're going to update the EMR order sets soon to streamline this- I'll let you know when it happens.


please forward this widely


Good luck and get swabbin'