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Retina Scans now weekly at CHCC!

posted Jun 6, 2014, 5:53 AM by PC/SM Chief Resident
From Joe:

In part due to all the hard work that the CHCC staff did in December during the 1 week retina scan pilot for our DM patients, the institution, led by the CMO, has signed a 1 year contract with the retina scan vendor.   The number of sites are expanding, but CHCC will be the first site in the rollout of pilot #2.

Some administrative hurdles -- some insurance companies charge patients co--payments for services such as retina scans.  Apparently it is not legal for institutions to waive copayments on their own.   The CMO is actively working with the insurers to ask them to waive this charge in a effort to get more DM patients screened for retinopathy.   Thus far they have been successful with Health First and Affinity, meaning that patients with this insurance have NO CO-PAYMENTS.

Retina Scans will resume at CHCC next Wednesday, June 11th -- all day.   This will continue every Wednesday.  For the first few weeks we CANNOT add patients to the list/We cannot get our pts who are seeing us that day a retina scan.   Obviously this is not want we/I want.   This WILL change over the next month.    Larry and I, but especially Larry, have been very vocal about not wanting to have 2 standards of care for our patients based on type of insurance.  We have been heard on this issue and others agree....but at same time we do not want a co-payment to limit access.   More to come on this......

For now, we will ONLY be able to scan patients from our healthfirst and affinity lists -- We rec'd this list earlier in the week -- it contains 573 names of our DM patients who have NOT had ophtho visit within the last 1 year.   
We are outreaching to ONLY those patients this week for them to  start coming in for their retina scans next week -- 573 patients will keep us busy for 1-2 months.

NOTE -- for the next 1-2 weeks I will be entering the order for retina scan and the ophtho referral -- in the future this will revert to the PCP to enter the order....more specifics about this to come as well