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HS 2018 Week 2

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Please complete evaluation form for week two: here

Monday, March 12

Session 1             8:30 - 10AM

Private Insurance in the Healthcare System
Aaron Fox

10 Question Mult Choice:

The multiple choice exercise is an example of team-learning. 
Think about this as educational technique.

 Session 2            10:15 - 11:45

Behavioral Integration in Primary Care
Nancy Reddy

Tuesday, March 13

One all morning session

9AM to 11:30AM

Direct Primary Care:
Diana Ramirez

We will be visiting the Grameen Vida Sana clinic in Queens
It is located at 7216 Roosevelt Avenue. We will meet at the clinic.
Please leave yourself enough time to arrive by 9AM.

9-10:30 Immigrant Health

10:30-11 Grameen Huddle

11-12 - Population Health


Dr Ramirez Presentation on Undocumented and Health Care

Neil Patel - The Iora approach to health teams

Session 2:            3PM to 6PM

Tri Track Advocacy Workshop
organized by the RPSM chiefs 

Wednesday, March 14
Session 1             8:30 - 10AM

ACA in 30 minutes - Dan O'C0nnell 

Resident Reports

                                 Session 2            10:15 - 11:45

Group exercise - Reforming Medicare 

ConservativePremium Support 

Reforming Medicaid 

Medicaid Block Grants  Plus

Reforming ACA

RIP:IPA, Mandate, CSRs

Thursday, March 15
Session 1             8:30 - 10AM

Panel Management and Population Health (I)
Mary Duggan/Casey Browder

                                 Session 2            10:15 - 11:45

Homeless Care in the Bronx
Andrea Littleton, MD

Friday, March 16

One all morning session
9AM to 11:30AM

The Role of the Department of Health:
Drs. Kunins, Jordan, Quinn, Foote

42-09 28th St, Long Island City, NY 11101

Please go directly to the DOH.
Please  arrive by 8:45 AM. Bring ID
The session will end by 11:30 so people can make it to PM activities (clinic, etc)

Mary Bassett: