Human Rights Clinic

DEADLINES AND TIMING: Spend the afternoon after HRC writing your affidavit.  The draft is due to your preceptor that same Thursday evening.  The reasons for this are twofold: 1) for you to be able to complete the draft during your GM month; 2) for you to produce the strongest and most accurate affidavit for your applicant, providing them the best chance for asylum.  We understand that the HRC can be a difficult experience, and that it is particularly stressful to try complete these documents when you are no longer on GM month.  In addition, the stakes are high for our applicants.  Indeed, many of their lives depend on the work we do in HRC.  Thus it is important for our well being and for the safety of the applicants that we see to complete these documents in a timely fashion. Thank you for your understanding around this issue regarding deadlines.

Additional Resources

Summary of Female Genital Mutilation (PowerPoint)

NOTARIES: See below for several locations on 161st Street where you can have affidavit notarized for $1-2. Green stars indicate locations with Notary Public on site.