Health Systems 2014 Calendar

All sessions (expect where otherwise noted) will take place in the 3rd floor conference room at 3544 Jerome Ave. This schedule may be changed during the month. Any changes will be discussed in class.

Session 1 runs from 8:30-10:00 AM. Session 2 runs from 10:15-11:45.

Please take a minute to register for Lobby Day using the following link:

Steve Brill article from TIME magazine on HC costs, the "Chargemaster"

Session 1
Session 2
Saturday, May 3 Lobby Day Training will take place from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday, May 3 in the 3rd floor conference room at RPSM. 
May 6 Single Payer Lobby Day in Albany, NY
There will be a van leaving from RPSM at 7:00 am. It will return to the RPSM at the end of the day. 
Single Payer FAQ
We Can Do Better - NYH Bill for Single Payer for NY
Presentaion on Talking with People about Single Payer
Tips on Meeting with Elected officials
May 7Intro to Health Systems
(Dan O'Connell & Matt Anderson)

Thinking Critically about Health Disparities
(Matt Anderson)

The Canadian System (Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay)
May 8Future Directions in Primary Care
(Andy Racine,  MD)              

Bodenheimer: Transforming Practice

Margolis/Bodenheimer: Tranforming    
Primary care:  From Past Practice to the Practice of the Future

Porter: Redesigning Primary Care: Organizing Around Patient Needs
The Politics of Health Care Reform: a brief history
(Dan O'Connell)
May 9Domestic Violence (Mary Zachary)

Abstract on Health Care Intervention Program for Intimate Partner Violence

DV Resources:

Santuary for Families:

(212) 349-6009

Sanctuary for Families opened a Bronx Family Justice Center in 2010.

New York City’s 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 621 – HOPE

Week 1 Eval
Medical Apartheid/Racial Disparities (Alisha Liggett, Hima Ekanadham, & Asiya Tschannerl)

PROJECT IMPLICIT - Take the IAT  (Implicit Association Test) -Choose RACE IAT


Session 1
Session 2
May 12Liberation Medicine in the US & International Health Systems
(Lanny Smith)
For Lanny's session, please read:
Interview with Vic Sidel
Interview with Victor Toro
May 13

The ACA in 2014/Impact on Primary Care (Dan O'Connell w/ David Stevens)
The Heart of Power - The US Presidency and Health Reform

 The Medical Industrial Complex (Rob Burlage)
Chapter One of The American Health Empire
Doctors as Employees
May 14Consumer-driven Health Care
 (Dan O'Connell)
John Goodman 2006 article laying out CDHC principles
A presentation from a business group discussing cost-savings associated with CDHC 

A critical article from Consumers Union

CSpan Video: Insurance Executive Robert Leszewski

Stuart Butler of the Heritage Foundation- 1989 - the original Obamacare proposal

Race Cases (discussion)

Videos from conservative HC reform
May 15Grand Rounds followed by Moving Forward with the ACA (Steffie Woolhandler & Hima Ekanadham)
Opting out of Medicaid Expansion: the Financial and Health Impacts - Dickman, Himmelstein, McCormick, Woolhandler

Global Amnesia - Embracing Fee-for-Non-Service- Again

Key Features of the ACA: Timeline
Pay for Performance Debate:
Readings for this will be distributed via email

Intro to P4P
 May 16

Public Health Success Stories (Part 1): 
You will each have 12 minutes present a successful
public health campaign. We have made up a potential list of topics, but you are free to choose others.

Week 2 Eval 
 Social Accountability of Medical Eduaction
(Anjani Reddy)

Student Activism to Save a Georgia Safety-Net Hospital
(Kate Neuhausen):
Please read her Health Affairs Post:
and the related editorial:
Session 1
Session 2
May 19Health Care Costs (Hima Ekanadham)

Steve Brill article from TIME magazine on HC costs, the "Chargemaster"
Department of Health Visit 
Van will leave RPSM at 10:00 and return after the visit (around 12:30).

May 20Public Health Success Stories (Part 2)Community Oriented Primary Care (Jack Geiger and Jon Giftos)
May 21Reproductive Health Advocacy (Marji Gold, Dana Schonberg, Jen Amico, Bhavik Kumar & Lin Fan Wang)

Legislative Interference in Physician-Patient Relationships- Weinberger, NEJM

Guttmacher - State-by-State Facts

Physicians for Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health Advocacy Resources for FamilyMedicine
Reproductive Health Advocacy

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights

Christianity and Abortion

The Christian Morality Pro-Choice Argument

Biblical Passages and Abortion Rights
May 22Alternative Primary Care Models (Diana Ramirez & Neil Patel)

Atul Gawande - The Hot Spotters (New Yorker Oct 2011)

Direct Primary Care - the Qliance Experience

Vanessa Pratomo: The ACO (10:15-11:00)
Atul Gawande: Cost Conundrum (Mc Allen vs El Paso Texas)
State Reform Resident Reports (Part 1)
Commonwealth State Scorecard 2009
Hawaii: A Pioneer in Health System Reform
NEJM Masssachusetts 2006.pdf
Massachusetts Physician Workforce
Vermont Single Payer NEJM
State Reform - HC for Low Income People- WASH, WIS, ALA   
What the Oregon Health Study Tells Us - Health Affairs

 May 23

Community Health Centers Under the ACA (Hal Strelnick)
Increasing Access to Health Care and Reducing Minority Health Disparities
ACA and Community Health Centers
State Health Reports (Part 2)

Session 1
Session 2
May 26Memorial Day-no sessions scheduled 

May 27Global Health Work:
Juan Robles & Masha Gervits (8:30-9:10)
Kevin Fiori (9:15-9:55)
International Health Systems Resident Reports Part 1 (10:00-11:00)
Sick Around the World

Healthcare for the Homeless-Andrea Littleton (11:00-12:00)
May 28Relevance of Global Health to US Health Care (Kumanan Rasanathan)Health Care in Mexico City (Cristina Laurell)

Interview with Dr Asa Cristina Laurell - Radical Medical Care Reform in Mexico City
May 29German Social Medicine: Reform vs. Revolution (Matt Anderson)

 May 30

*Health Systems will meet in the residents lounge
CIR and the Future of Doctor's Unions
(Toni Lewis)

Professionalism, Unions, and Doctor Strikes
Resident Unions in New Mexico
Evergreen Primary Care (Manisha Sharma)

Session 1
Session 2
June 2

*Health Systems will meet in the residents lounge
International Health Systems Resident Reports (Part 2)

Social Medicine at Montefiore (Megan Wolff)

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