August 2014

posted Aug 21, 2014, 10:11 AM by PC/SM Chief Resident   [ updated Aug 21, 2014, 10:29 AM ]
Effect of Mass Incarceration on Health 
Facilitator: Catherine Trimbur

Please look at the three articles below

1-The popular press article link from the NYT  looks at mental illness and conditions at Rikers. We've included this to entertain a discussion about what the experience of incarceration is like for our many patients who pass through jail. 

2-Biswanger et al Release from Prison. This is a great study looking at the causes of increased mortality in the post incarceration period. This is included for a discussion about how we can take the experiences of patients in jail/prison and think through the challenges to health on reentry into the community. What should we be screening for, discussing with our patients as they are released?  

3-Rich et al Medicine and the epidemic of incarceration. This one is just for skimming/if you want to read more but I will say this is one of the best articles EVER! A fabulous overview of the health and public health issues related to incarceration and reentry. It is a quick read and Jody Rich is a fabulous researcher/doctor. 
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