January, 2013

posted Jan 17, 2013, 1:13 PM by PC/SM Chief Resident   [ updated Jan 17, 2013, 1:33 PM by Angela Jeffers ]
Gun Control and Public Health


All: Kellerman Op-Ed (2012)
Hamso, Chang, Patel, Rosner: Kellerman, et al. (1993)
Nafisi, Renard, Cohen, Perez, Murakami: Branas, et al. (2009)

For your assigned paper, please answer:
  • What was the research question, health outcome of interest, and study design?
  • How were cases identified? What were they compared to?
  • (Branas, 2009 et al only) What is the proposed chain of events from gun ownership to gun assault? 
  • What is a confounder? What confounders were assessed for this study? Can you think of any that are missing?
  • (Branas, 2009 et al only) How do the authors handle missclassification bias (ie, whether the self-report of gun ownership was unreliable)?
  • What were the main results of the study?
  • What are possible explanations for these findings?
  • Given the above studies, what will you advise your patients about guns?
  • Do you believe these articles support current gun control effors? Why or why not?