Week 2: Oct 27-31

Monday, October 27
Time & Location    
Topic/Speaker Readings/Resources/Assignments

Walking to School

Dewitt Clinton High School
100 West Mosholu Pkwy S, Bronx, NY 10468
718 543-1000

Evander Childs Educational Complex
800  East Gun Hill Road,
Bronx, 10467

On Monday, October 27 you will be visiting Evander Childs or DeWitt Clinton High School. As you make your way to the schools this morning, we would like you to think about the foods that are available to kids and teenagers in the Bronx.


Imagine that you are a student heading to (or from) school on a Friday with about $3.00 in your pocket. This is your money to spend on what you want, and you’re hungry. You need something that is quick and ready-to-eat, and you want to get the biggest bang for your buck.


Your short to school takes you past many businesses where you can pick up something to eat and drink. Please complete the following survey for each business that sells food and beverages (regardless of whether their primary business is food or beverages).

This activity takes place on the way to the school visits and you do not need to come to the RPSM first

1) Work in four teams of 3-4 each. 2 teams will go to Dewitt Clinton; 2 will go to Evander Childs Educational Complex: 800 East Gun Hill Road, Bronx, NY 10467.

2) Each team will work one side of the street.

3) This data collection form from Dr. Sean Lucan will give you answers to very specific questions.

4) Post your results on the following website:
10:15- 12:00
School Visits

Arrival 10:15

Departure:  Noon: School visits

Lunch starts: Clinton: 10:30

Lunch starts: Evander: 11:15

Reflections on school food!

Montefiore School Health Program Overview

Teenagers, Healthcare & the Law: A Guide to the Law on Minors' Rights in NYS 
Afternoon  Clinic

Tuesday, October 28  

Time & 
Topic/ Speaker Readings/Resources/Assignments

3rd Floor Conference Room
Organizing for Social Change
Steve Max


Mott Haven Bar & Grill
1 Bruckner Boulevard

2:30-4:00 Environmental Justice Tour
Mychal Johnson
South Bronx United

4:30 - 6PM 

 Social Medicine Rounds: MMC Homeless Team /  

Wednesday, October 29

Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 

AM Case Race Case: A Premature Baby
The Use of Race in the Clinical Presentation
Medical Apartheid in NYC Hospitals
Medical Apartheid Campaign

3rd Floor 
Conference Room 
Introduction to Orientation Month / Matt Anderson & Dan O'Connell 

3rd Floor 
Conference Room

What is Social Medicine? / Matt Anderson What is Social Medicine? (required reading)

Out in Rural : Film about the Mount Bayou Community Health Center. This was Jack Geiger's effort to bring the COPC model to the US.
3rd Floor 
Conference Room
 Social Determinants of Education/ Asiya Tschannerl
Bitter Pill : Why Medical Costs are Killing Us - Steve Brill, Time Magazine Feb 20,2013

Afternoon Clinic  (SP/SIM); Inservice (FP)


Thursday, October 30

Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 
 8:00-8:50AM Race Case #2  See  yesterday's readings

8:55 AM


Those kind of people”: Exploring the impact of “otherness” on clinical care
Matt Anderson 

In this exercise we will present you with six cases.  We would like for you to break up into groups of four (or five) and study these cases over the weekend.  On Tuesday, November 2 from 1-4PM each group will have 30 minutes to first present the case to the entire class and then lead a discussion.  We suggest you keep your presentation of the case to five – ten minutes so that there is time for discussion.


9:00 - 12:15

3rd Floor 
Conference Room

Narrative Medicine / 
Eliana Korin & other faculty

Narratives Assignment

Narratives Objective


3rd Floor 
Conference Room
Lunch (provided)


3rd Floor 
Conference Room

The meaning of race:
"Color of Fear" Viewing & Discussion Asiya Tschannerl 
Unequal Treatment: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know About Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare

Levels of Racism: A Theoretical Framework and a Gardener's Tale

The Case For Reparations - TaNehisi Coates -The Atlantic JUNE 2014


Friday, October 31

Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 

3rd Floor Conference Room
History of Social Medicine & History of DFSM Panel / 
Megan Wolff
RPSM: 37 Years of Mission-Driven, Interdisciplinary Training in Primary Care, Population Health and Social Medicine (useful reading) 
 9AM:     Evaluation: On-line
Walk to Lehman College
After Dr. Wolff's talk, please complete the following evaluations before going to Lehman.

Eval for Ped/FM:


Eval for all three tracks:



GIS @ Lehman College/ Andrew Maroko Geocoding Lab
Third Floor, Gillett Hall
Lehman College

Directions to Lehman College:
Walk down Jerome Avenue until you get to Bedford Avenue (there's a #4 stop there). Make a right on Bedford, walk across the train bridge and Lehman is on your left.


Visit and Lunch at the  Buddhist Temple, 2738 Marion Avenue


Article on the Thai Buddhist Temple in the Daily New (2012)

Posting about the Chieu Kien Temple (south of the Bronx Zoo). Breakfast on Sunday morning made by the monk.

The other Vietnamese temple.


Mapping Exercise  Use the following link to access the survey:


Area around CHCC to map

Area around FHC to map

Area around Williamsbridge to map

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