* Screening Tools for Cognitive Dysfunction in Primary Care

1) Psych Screening in Primary Care: Cognitive Screening

2) The Memory Impairment Scale (MIS)

a. Physician-administered Screen

b. Very brief, user-friendly

3) Oral Trail-making Part B (Mental Alternation Test – MAT)

a. Physician-administered Screen

b. Subcortical Impairment and Executive Dysfunction, Delirium

c. Very brief, user-friendly

4) The Folstein Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE) / MMSE Scoring Guide

a. Physician-administered tool

b. Cumbersome, user-unfriendly – BAD SCREENING TOOL

c. Best Application:

GOOD DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENT, TREATMENT F/U TOOL for Cortical Cognitive Impairment (Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementias)

5) Guide to Management of the Confused Medical/Surgical Patient with Delirium

6) Evidence-based Abstracts