* Screening Tools for Psychiatric Problems in Primary Care

1) The Health Questionnaire (HQ)English / Spanish

a. Patient Self-Report Questionnaire

b. Broad Screen for:
- anxiety, depression EtOH/substance abuse,
- child abuse, adult domestic violence,
- somatization/medically-unexplained symptoms,
- hypochondriasis/ negative self-assessed health, illness conviction

c. The HQ Incorporates:
1. The 2-Question Screen for Depression (questions 18, 19)
2. The 2 Question Screen for Panic Disorder (questions 22, 23)

Note: The HQ is a modified version of The PRIME MD

2) The Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9): English / Spanish

a. Patient Self-Report Questionnaire

b. Best Application: Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment F/U Tool for DSM (9 symptom) Major Depression

3) Evidence-based Abstracts