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Assignment: You will be asked to write a short text in preparation for the Narrative Medicine Class on October 27th. Here is the assignment: Coming Soon

Thursday, October 19
Time & Location    
8:30-9:50 AM
3rd Floor Conference Room 
Unwinding / Paul Gross 
A chance to process the experience of being an intern.
Dr. Paul Gross publishes one of the Department's Journals: Pulse Magazine: Voices from the Heart of Medicine

Breakfast will be provided
 10:30-12:00 PM

Visit to the Living Room 
Dr. Andrea Littleton: 914 562-5896 (cell)
BronxWorks Living Room/Safe Haven
800 Barretto St.
Bronx, NY 10474
From Dr. Littleton:
There was a series of articles published in American Journal of Public Health on homelessness December of 2013, the one highlighting the issues in NYC which was published by DHS, is below: I also attached an article that was published in the Washington Post this month based on the Housing At Risk Program which works with us to identify homeless clients in Montefiore and try to house them mostly thru a respite program we have.
 12:00-12:30 PMBox Lunch will be provided  Bring Lunch From RPSM
 1:00-2:45 PMHomelessness (Mobile Unit Tour and Presentation)
Dr. Scott Ikeda
Community Pediatric Programs
853 Longwood Avenue, 2nd fl
Bronx, NY 10457

3:00 PM

Return to RPSM; Aaron Fox ACA and challenges for the HC system

Friday, October 21

Time & Location    
Topic/Speaker Readings/Resources/Assignments

Sick Around The World 

[PBS documentary]

 10:15-10:30 Course IntroductionOrientation to Social medicine

- Review Schedule
- Nutrition Assessment (Monday)
- Race Cases

An article from Academic Medicine about the 37th Anniversary of the RPSM

11:15- 12:15
A brief history of US Social 
Medicine    Matt Anderson

Intro to Health Systems- Dan O'Connell


Atul Gawande - The Heroics of Incremental Care New Yorker January 2017
 1215-140 Lunch 
 1:40 PM to 2:45 Nutrition Assessment 
The nutrition assessment will take place in the morning on the way to the school visits (which are scheduled to begin at 10 am; arrive early since there are always delays getting into the schools).  You do not need to come to RPSM first.

Please refer to the following documents for instructions and use this link to access the survey:
Nutrition Mapping Instructions

 300-400 Race Cases  In preparation for our discussion of racism on October 26th, we will present you with a series of cases related to medicine and ask you (in groups) to analyze the cases and report back on the 26th. Link download cases is here.

Here is a link to a comments page put up by NYC to discuss problematic monuments:

Sunday, October 22nd

The Tour de Bronx

Link to the T-De-Bronx

Monday, October 23rd

8:30-9:50AM     Groups meet at RPSM  Details of this were covered on Friday

This activity will take place in the morning on the way to the school visits (which are scheduled to begin at 9:30 am).  You do not need to come to RPSM first.


Group 1 will start surveying at the RPSM and end at Webster Ave. 

Group 2 will start at Mosholu Pkwy subway station and end at Webster Avenue

Groups 3 & 4 will start at Bronx Blvd and end at Evander.

At Evander you should meet up with Meghan

Here is the survey. Try to survey as many stores as possible.

BODEGA video (takes place in the Bronx, worth a watch!)

930-1145AM Visit to School Clinics
If you can, try to visit the cafeterias and see how they fit into what you have observed walking to school. If you want, you can write your observations (see the School Food Environment Assignment.

The medical director is 
Dr. Neal Hoffman At Evander ask for Meghan Tizzano You often have to wait for security. Explain that you have an appointment for 930AM. Make sure that you leave Evander in time to get to clinic.
Evander Childs Educational Center
Wikipedia article: This article unfortunatley does not have too much information

Montefiore's School Health Program

School Food Environment Assignment 
(Please send observations to by Thursday, October 27)

Reflections on school food!

Tuesday, October 24


10:40 to 11:40

11:40 to noon

Nutrition Assessment - Karen Becker

Does Race and Ethnicity influence the perceptions of clinicians?
Susan Moscou, PhD.

Health Systems 102 Dan O'Connell
Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance and the ACA

Travel to La Morada, Lunch with Mycal Johnson, South Bronx bus tour, Brook Park. See additional details below.

The bus tour will likely end around 3PM. After that you are free for the rest of the day.

The Role of Race in the Clinical Presentation - Anderson,  Moscou, Fulchon, Newfield

Medicare A Primer -KFF
Medicaid A Primer -KFF
Medicaid - Pocket Primer -KFF 2017

South Bronx

This is a map of the South Bronx showing the areas we will visit on Tuesday afternoon.


We will meet with Mychal Johnson of South Bronx Unite. Several residents have collaborated with SBU to support their vision of converting the abandoned riverside of the South Bronx into a beautiful park. You should take a look at the summary of their plan. It will help you get oriented a bit during the tour. Here is a link to a Ted Talk given by Mychal Johnson

You might also want to find the Vernon C. Bain Correctional Facility, a prison barge that is administratively part of Riker's. It sits on the water just southeast of the massive Hunts Point Food Market. It's a holding area for people waiting to be arraigned and can hold 800 men. I believe you can see it off in the distance during Mychal's tour.

The Living Room is not too far away from Hunt's Point.

Wednesday, October 25th
 8:30 to 9:30    Housing Matters:
(Earle Chambers)
Dr. Chambers is a DFSM Faculty member with an interest in the effects of housing on health. Here is his faculty profile.
 9:35 to 10:30    Housing Activists in the BronxLiza Ortega - Bronx Housing activist

Extensive history of Redlining


CITY LIMITS is a Magazine of progressive analysis of NYC policies.

JACOBIN is a fairly new magazine of  left/socialist analysis, mostly written by under 40 year olds. 
 10:45 to NoonDiscussion of Race Cases
(Sabrina or Residents)
Link to download Word document Race cases here.

Thursday, October 26th
 8-9                Family Medicine Grand Rounds“The Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy:  Role of the Primary Care Physician”       Sheryl Haut MD Dept of Neurology




ACOG/PRHResponse to HHS Draft Strategy Plan

Race Cases 

Social Medicine Presentation - Carl-Phillipe Rousseau

Medicare, Medicaid, ACA
ACOG response to HHS Draft Strategy Plan
PRH draft response from physician

Resident groups

Development of an Environmental Curriculum
 12:15 to 1:30    Lunch - provided at RPSM 
 12:30 to 430Social Determinants of Health Workshop
Mary Duggan

 5PM to 8PM    NYCE Ring Convocation 
Cherkasky Auditorium

5-6 Christine Sinsky MD and THomas Sinsky MD - "Joy In Practice: Organizational and Workflow Strategies"
DINNER BUFFETT IN GRAND HALL (across from Cherkasky)

Download the flyer here
The New York City Research and Improvement Networking Group (NYC RING) is the DFSM's practice-based research network (PBRN) sponsored by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Department of Family & Social Medicine. We are one of only a few PBRNs in the US focused exclusively on the urban underserved.

Christine Sinsky and THomas Sinsky Powerpoint on Preventing Burnout in Medicine

Friday, October 27th
 830-920 AM  

920-930 - 
League of Women Voters: 
How to organize a voter registration campaign

Activism at Montefiore for voter registration in the clinics:
Voter Registration Project @ MMC
2015 Orientation Card Study (as yet unpublished)

LWV: Registration Manual
925AM-955AM Walk to Lehman CollegeWe will be visiting the Geospatial Laboratory at Lehman College
Many thanks to Andrew Maroko and Brian Morgan

Lehman College, CUNY
Gillet Hall 322A
250 Bedford Park Blvd. West
Bronx, NY 10468

Please be mindful of the equipment. You cannot bring food or drinks into the laboratory.

Here is an example of a collaboration between our Department and Geospatial Laboratory at Lehman

Lucan SC, Maroko AR, Bumol J, Torrens L, Varona M, Berke EM. Business List vs Ground Observation for Measuring a Food Environment: Saving Time or Waste of Time (or Worse)? Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Jul 16 2013,  PMID 23871107

 10AM to 11:30 AM  Geocoding - Andrew Maroko _Lehman CollegeKrieger, N Painting a Truer Picture of US Socioeconomic and Racial/Ethnic Health Inequalities: The Public Health Disparities Geocoding Project
 1145- 12:45Lunch: La Cabana 2 Salvadoreno Restaurant
3150 Villa Ave, Bronx, NY 10468 
5-10 min walk from Lehman College
15 minute walk restaurant to 3544 Jerome
1PM to 530PM Buprenorphene Training -
Chinazo Cunningham

(for SAMSA certification)

3rd floor conference  room

2. ASAM National Practice Guidelines for the Use of Medication in the Treatment of Addiction Involving Opiates

Clinic Tools

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