SMO 2017 Week 4

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Monday, November 6
Time & LocationTopic/Speaker Readings/Resources/Assignments 


3rd Floor 
Conference Room 
Mariya Masyukova FM PGY3 - 

Debrief Prison visits 

Project SPHERE (Space in Prison for Education for Re-Entry)


Alternatives to Incarceration ("Accounting for Violence"), Restorative Justice approach
Full Report  (30 pages)
2 page Fact Sheet

 9:20-10:15Transitions Clinic- Richard MedinaImmigration Detention
How U.S. Policies Fueled Mexico's Great Migration
The Health of Immigrants in NYC
Migration Story Interview Guide

Norweigan Prison System -Form MIchael Moore- WHere to Invade Next

10:30AM to Noon

Courtney Bancroft - The Forgotten Population: Substance Abuse in Primary Care


Tuesday, November 7: Don't forget to vote

 Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 
8:30 AM to 11:00AM    Meet at RPSM at 8:30 to organize
Home Visits  / Debbie Swiderski
The Voice of the Life World and the Voice of Medicine

Mishler - The Language of Attentive Medical Care
 11:30 to 1:00Home Visit Debrief
Lunch with RPSM Staff Organized by Carol Whitaker and Kathy Lugo

Intro to Community Visits Erin Goss 

Housing action on Rezoning Southern Boulevard

 CBO Visit Template (download word doc)

ERIN GOSS Power Point - Intro to Community Based Organization visits

SMO Community Visit Presentation template.pptx (download ppt)
 5:00-6:30PM         Electronic Fetal Monitoring  Family Medicine Interns Only

Wednesday, November 8

 Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 
8:30 to 11:45Bronx District Public Health Office
(Jane Bedell)
If you take taxi/uber, etc, we can reimburse for transportation if you have a receipt.

Tremont Neighborhood Action Center
1806 Arthur Avenue
Bronx, 10457

Taxis will be leaving from the RPSM about 8:30AM

State of the Bronx 2017 PowerPoint

130-3Community Visits with Josh Yap PGY3 FM
Jose Collazo Director of SAGE BRONX 
 - 260 East 188th Street between Valentine and Tiebout Avenue. 

Thursday, November 9

Time & Location



 8 AM - 10AM     

The State of the Department
Chairman's Talk:
Peter Selwyn, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Lubin Hall
(Block Building Entrance)

The DFSM will be compensating meeting attendees if they carpool using Uber/Lyft or any other local taxi service.  Someone will need to pay upfront and submit reimbursements and we will process. Please give receipts to Kathy Lugo.

Free parking will be provided for those who wish to drive to Einstein.  The shuttle bus will be available to those who wish to use it.  For those who wish to take public transportation from home to Einstein in the morning, we will facilitate car pooling or cabs to transport them to their next responsibility.  Breakfast will be served.


Stand Up To Violoence
Dr Noe' Romo
Jacobi Medical Center BUILDING 1
Pediatric Library, Room 820

Noe' Romo video - (2:40 video)

Stand Up To Violence - Bronx Times "How an NYC doctor helped Bronx neighborhood cut shootings nearly in half"  Channel 11 news report (~4 minute news report)

 2-330Social Determinants of Health  at the Point of Care  Lauren Shapiro
340-445LGBT Activism in the Bronx  Josh Yap PGY3 FM

Princess Janae Place - trans housing, Madison St. Claire, Program Director
MPowerment/EngageNYC - MSM/MTF self-advocacy support group, Reginal Juste, Program Coordinator, Eric Nieves, HIV Prevention Navigator
*Destination Tomorrow - LGBT resource navigation center, Rumi Grant, Communications Representative

NYTimes  July 2017 - Housing for LGBT Seniors




Friday, November 10

Time & LocationTopic/Speaker Readings/Resources/Assignments 
 8:30 AM
Bangladeshi Breakfast
Packsun Halal Chicken
2160 Westchester Ave
Bronx, NY 10462
Phone number(718) 822-8777
Their website: here
It will take about 15 minutes to walk from Nerob to Sapna
10-11:30AMVisit to SAPNA
(Alison Karasz)

Here is the link to SAPNA's website:
(This website is often slow).

2348 Waterbury Avenue,
Bronx, NY 10462
718 828-9772

 Noon     Family Medicine Recruitment Lunch 
1:00-2:00         Social Medicine Hit ParadeCarol Duh-Leong
With a little help from your friends:

Social Networks as a Predictor of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in an Urban Academic Practice

Rafael Frias:

The Taxi Driver Project

 3-5 PMMeeting with Department Chair
(Peter Selwyn)

5 Rhythms
(Peter Selwyn
This session will take place in the Grand Hall (near the Gun Hill entrance).  You should wear loose garments for movement and bring an extra t-shirt with a hand towel.
Matt Anderson,
Nov 6, 2016, 5:17 AM