Social Medicine Orientation 2018

Welcome to RPSM Orientation Month: Understanding How Social Conditions Impact Health Problems in the Bronx       

The month's schedule can be accessed at this link: 

Weeks 1 & 2: School Health, Homeless Care, Single Payer, Gender and Sexual Minorities

Week 3: Mass Incarceration, Racism, Immigration

Week 4: Organizing for Change, Reproductive Justice, Buprenorphine

Week 5: Working with the Community

A one page overview of the month can be accessed at this link: 

So, what is Orientation month?

"Orientation Month” was started in 1983 as a way of introducing interns to life in the Bronx and to the principles of social medicine.  We believe it is a completely unique course in residency education.

Our goal this month is to familiarize you with the communities in which you work and to help you place the clinical problems you face daily within a broader social context.  You will get exposure to organizing and advocacy skills, community health assessment skills, departmental and community programs/resources, and much more. There will be time to reflect on your professional identity as physicians and to practiCce strategies for maintaining vitality throughout residency and your career.

Orientation Month is structured around one broad theme: the social determinants that impact our community and clinical practice. As we recognize the breadth of the theme, we have selected to focus on specific topics each week to illustrate some of these determinants. This year, we will highlight issues of nutrition, housing, education, mass incarceration, immigration and advocacy. Much of the teaching during Orientation takes place outside of the formal classroom and emphasizes experiential learning. We want you to visit the Bronx, walk around your clinics, talk to patients and community leaders, and learn from one another.

We strive to create a course that is thought-provoking and critical, while remaining practical, and fun.  For that reason, your feedback is very important to us. Please keep a list of things you like about the course (or things you don't) and let us know.  

There are occasional schedule changes and we do our best to keep it updated.
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Course Directors

Bedilia Jones
Administrative Assistant


Social Pediatrics

Joanne Anthonypillai
Katherine Bauman
Kristen Ronca
Laura Vazquez

Social Internal Medicine

Michele Buonara
Vanessa Ferrel
Luis Gonzalez Corro
Crystal Jobson
Thomas McHale
Katherine Mullens
Akshay Nathawat
Hugo Ortega
Kareem Royes
Joseph Stephens

Social Family Medicine

Andrea Avalos
Chelsea Brown
Ernest Egu
Christel Francois
Julie Hyppolite
Tequilla Manning
Tony Okolo
Josh Ononuju
Robert Rock
Rashaud Senior

Family Medicine
Behavioral Health Fellows

Wendy Alfaro, PhD
Lindsay Blevins, PhD

Visiting GYN Resident
Stephanie Zuo, MD