Week 4: November 10-14

Monday, November 10
Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 

See Group List for Details 

Immigration Case Readings:
How U.S. Policies Fueled Mexico's Great Migration
The Health of Immigrants in NYC
Migration Story Interview Guide
 9:00-9:25     ACA: A brief introduction to the US Health System
 Part 1 of Dan's talk.

3rd Floor 
Conference Room 
Human Rights Clinic / Eva Metalios
 Article about HR clinic from Health and Human Rights Journal


3rd Floor 
Conference Room
Project Time  Project Guidelines 2014
1:00-5:00 Clinic 


Tuesday, November 11

Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 
 8:30-9AM     Out in the Rural

 Out in the Rural is a short documentary about one of the first Community Health Centers in the US.
 9 to 9:15AM    
 Evaluation     Link for evaluation for week three
9:15 to  noon

Project Time
12-1  Lunch 

Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA:
Part 2
How Medicare Relative Value Update Committee (RUC)  Sets Physician Pay, 9/22/11

2:45 - 4:25
 Project Time           
 We will not have the 3rd floor conference room to work in.

Cherkasky Auditorium    
Social Medicine Rounds:
Dawn Belkin Martinez, PhD.
Dawn Belkin Martinez, PhD, LICSW is a Lecturer in Clinical Practice at the Boston University School of Social Work and was formerly an instructor in psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School.  Trained as a family therapist, Dawn worked as the senior social worker on the Inpatient Psychiatry Service at Children’s Hospital Boston for thirteen years and is the co-author of the book Social Justice in Clinical Practice: A Liberation Health Framework for Social Work.   Dawn is one of the founding members of the Boston Liberation Health Group and gives presentations locally, nationally, and internationally about her work with immigrant families, liberation health theory and practice, and social justice

Wednesday, November 12

Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 

Bangladeshi Breakfast
Nerob Restaurant                                                  2109 Starling Avenue                                         Bronx, NY 10462
Their website: Nerob

Visit to SAPNA/ Karasz Here is the link to SAPNA's website:


Thursday, November 13

Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 

Immigration Case


9:00-1:00 Home Visits/ Deborah Swiderski  "The Language of Attentive Patient Care" by Eliot Mishler
3rd Floor 
Conference Room
Selwyn / Social Medicine Hit Parade Presentations by former residents:
Juan Robles
Lauren Zajac
Kristen Stewart
Three former residents will discuss the evolution of their Social Medicine Projects.

3rd Floor 
Conference Room
Reproductive Health Activism / Marji Gold

Friday, November 14


Time & Location Topic/Speaker  Readings/Resources/Assignments 
 8:00-8:50 Personal Finance 101 for Residents and Income-Based Repayment- Dan O'Connell OPTIONAL session requested by several Family Med PGY1s
Topics - Brief review of basics of debt, taxes, savings, investment
Details of how IBR may drastically cut your debt load
Other loan repayment plans
9:00-9:50 Physician Activism / Aaron Fox



3rd Floor 
Conference Room
Health Behavior Change: Motivational Interviewing Applications in Primary Care/ Jonathan Fader & Eliana Korin


Motivational Interviewing

After 1PM

3rd Floor 
Conference Room

Lunch and Project Time Link for evaluation of week 4

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