SMO 2018: Schedule for weeks 1 & 2

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Thursday, October 18th - October 25th: (Pre-Orientation:Social Pediatrics)

Time & Location    
October 18
8:30-9:50 AM

3rd Floor Conference Room 

Introduction to Social Pediatrics 
Sandra Braganza
 October 19th

Social Determinants of Health

Nexplanon Training (CHAM)
Dr. Sandra Braganza, Track Director, Social Pediatrics.

Nexplanon training at CHAM is scheduled for 1-5.
 October 22nd            Clinic all day 

 October 23rd 8:30 to noon: Visit to New Settlement     
October 24th
8:30 to 5PM

New York UniversityYou can read more about the Symposium here

Assignment: You will be asked to write a short text in preparation for the Narrative Medicine Class on October 27th. Here is the assignment: Coming Soon

Thursday, October 25
Family Medicine/Social Pediatrics

Time & Location    
  8:30-1200            STATE OF THE DEPARTMENTPeter Selwyn, MD / Department Chair, Family & Social Medicine

Here is a link to the box version of the powerpoint
 1:00-5:00     Family Medicine Inservice Exam

Friday, October 26
Family Medicine/Social Pediatrics
Time & Location    
8:30-9:35 AM
3rd Floor Conference Room 
Unwinding / Paul Gross 
A chance to process the experience of being an intern.
Dr. Paul Gross publishes one of the Department's Journals: Pulse Magazine: Voices from the Heart of Medicine

 9:40-10:00        Intro to course -Short assignment for Sandhya Kumar's 10/30 session

 10:00-10:20Nutrition assessment explained
Matt Anderson, MD
The nutrition assessment will take place in the morning on the way to the school visits (which are scheduled to begin at 10 am; arrive early since there are always delays getting into the schools).  You do not need to come to RPSM first.

Please refer to the following documents for instructions and use this link to access the survey:

(Please enter data only once for each store/restaurant you visit. 

Data collection Form:

 10:20-10:30         Intro to Intersectionality        Susanna Moore, Stephanie Mischell
 10:30-3:15 PM    

11:30-12:30? or 12:30-1:30, etc
With community activists 
Elliot Liu & Lisa Ortiz.

Image result for la morada restaurant bronx ny
Lunch at La Morada Restaurant: Oaxacan Style Mexican food. We will order our food on the way down.

This schedule is likely to be changed!

  Lunch at La Morada, Willis and 141st. The restaurant is run by a family of immigrant activists, who can speak on the issues facing undocumented Bronxites.
  Brief walk along the Bruckner Boulevard area. Discuss new development and "Piano District" rebranding efforts.
 : Drive to Horizons youth jail. Discuss debates over Rikers closure and new jail construction. 
 : Stop at Hunts Point Plaza, discuss homelessness and opiod crisis. (Lisa has been doing outreach with several people living in the plaza, we'll see if this is possible.) 
 : Drive into Hunts Point peninsula. Note successful campaign to close Spofford detention center, and the effort to build affordable housing on the site. 
 : Stop outside the barge. Discuss history and conditions on the barge. Also issues of air quality in hunts point, and environmental victories. 

Juan Robles MD

Bronx Community Health Leaders

"Community Partnership and Patient Engagement"

Bronx Community Health Leaders Website

Sunday, October 28th

Tour De Bronx

Persistent Voices: 3-430pm 2474 Westchester Ave Bronx NY email Stephanie Mischell for details 609-240-7297

Monday, October 29th
Family Medicine/Social Pediatrics

8:20-9:30AM    Meet 8:20 at RPSM

Walk the Neighborhood to Evander Childs High School
 Details of this were covered on Friday

The nutrition assessment
 will take place in the morning on the way to the school visits (which are scheduled to begin at 9:30 am; arrive early since there are always delays getting into the schools).  You do not need to come to RPSM first.

Who & Where? (Split up into groups of 4 whenever you 


Group 1 will start surveying at the RPSM and end at Webster Ave. 

Group 2 will start at Mosholu Pkwy subway station and end at Webster Avenue

Groups 3 & 4 will start at Bronx Blvd and end at Evander.

At Evander you should meet up with Meghan

What are you looking for on your way to school and how to you classify what you see?
PRINT OUT THIS FORM One for each team. This will give you guidance.

What do we do when we leave the schools?

Shortly after the visit we will send you a copy of your data and you will discuss it next week with Dr. Karen Becker. Use this link for inputting your data:

(Please enter data only once for each store/restaurant you visit).

If there are any problems, please call Dr. Anderson @ 917-817-1986.

BODEGA video (takes place in the Bronx, worth a watch!)

930-1145AM Visit to School Clinics
If you can, try to visit the cafeterias and see how they fit into what you have observed walking to school. If you want, you can write your observations (see the School Food Environment Assignment.

The medical director is 
Dr. Marianne Dietrich Colleen Kelly works there as a FNP You often have to wait for security. Explain that you have an appointment for 930AM. Make sure that you leave Evander in time to get to clinic.

Michelle St. Louis MD
Marianne Dietrich MD

Evander Childs Educational Center
Wikipedia article: This article unfortunatley does not have too much information

Montefiore's School Health Program

While at Evander take a look at the food environment in the school.

School Food Environment Assignment 
(Please send observations to by Thursday, October 27)

Reflections on school food!

Resources for queer youth experiencing trouble in school:

Tuesday, October 30
Family Medicine/Social Pediatrics


Ollie Fein MD
President of NYC Metro PNHP

Single Payer    
Danny Neghassi MD Hudson Valley Health Care
NYC Metro PNHP Board Member
History of Health Insurance

Dr. Fein mentioned the Medicare Right Center. He suggested that we contact the Rights Center for any questions you might have regarding patients with Medicare issues. This link takes you to their website: The Medicare Rights Center is a national, nonprofit consumer service organization that works to ensure access to affordable health care for older adults and people with disabilities through counseling and advocacy, educational programs and public policy initiatives.

Medicare A Primer -KFF
Medicaid A Primer -KFF
Medicaid - Pocket Primer -KFF 2017

 11:30-12:30        Lunch on own 




Meaning In Medicine
Ellen Tattelman MD

What is Social Medicine?
Matt Anderson

Intro to Homelessness in NYC
Sandhya Kumar MD

Speed Dating for Social Medicine - intro to concepts, jargon, concepts
Sandhya Kumar MD
Meaning in Medicine
Recapturing the Soul of Medicine  Rachel Naomi Remen

Doctor as Worker Matt Anderson, Radical Teacher Journal

Basics of Modern Homelessness in NYC Sandhya Kumar ppt.

Basics of Homelessness
JAMA - Investing in Housing For Health Improves Both
NYTIMES- Homelessness Step By Step

"Young, Gay and Homeless":

Social Justice Vocabulary Sandhya Kumar ppt

(optional resource

Wednesday, October 31st
Family Medicine/Social Pediatrics
 8:30 to 10:45 1. Power To Heal: Medicare and Desegregation

2.Health Workers in the Resistance
Roona Ray MD 

 Undocumented, Uninsured Unafraid Beatrix Hoffman Dissent Magazine

The Fight For Health Care has always been about Civil Rights Vann Newkirk II The Atlantic
 11:00-12:00 Nutrition assessment results
Karen Becker MD

Thursday, November 1
Family Medicine/Social Pediatrics
8:30-10:00            Narrative Medicine 
Paul Gross
Other narratives:



Meet after lunch 1:45 at the Living Room

Sexual And Gender Minorities - Part 1

Weekly Evaluations

12-1 Family Medicine Recruitment Lunch

Susanna Moore Stephanie Mischell

Princess Janae Place - trans housing, Madison St. Claire, Program Director
MPowerment/EngageNYC - MSM/MTF self-advocacy support group, Reginal Juste, Program Coordinator, Eric Nieves, HIV Prevention Navigator
*Destination Tomorrow - LGBT resource navigation center, Rumi Grant, Communications Representative

NYTimes  July 2017 - Housing for LGBT Seniors



Visit to the Living Room, Homeless Health Care

The Living Room
800 Barretto Street

Andrea Littleton, MD

800 Barretto St

From Dr. Littleton:
There was a series of articles published in American Journal of Public Health on homelessness 
December of 2013, the one highlighting the issues in NYC which was published by DHS, is below: I also attached an article that was published in the Washington Post this month based on the Housing At Risk Program which works with us to identify homeless clients in Montefiore and try to house them mostly thru a respite program we have.

Friday, November 2
Family Medicine/Social Pediatrics/Internal Medicine
Peds, FM, Int Med, Psych
 830-920 AM  



Intro to Tri Track Social medicine
Matt Anderson 

History of Social Medicine at Montefiore
Megan Wolff, PhD

Community Panel Discussion - Gender and Sexual Minorities in the Bronx 

Susanna Moore Josh Yap Stephanie Mischell

SGM "Equality Map" resource for policy talk across the country:
 12-5South Bronx Bus Tour
1:00-2:30 Lunch at La Morada

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