Mobile Market

In 2011, Dr. Alda Osinaga and Dr. Tori Mayer began work with City Harvest's Mobile Market.  For those of you unfamiliar with City Harvest, it’s an organization that "rescues" surplus food that would normally be thrown out from restaurants and farms.  The food is then brought to inner-city “mobile markets” and distributed to food-insecure residents.  One such market is located on 156th Street and Morris Ave. 

Dr. Osinaga and Dr. Mayer began their work with this market by doing a focus group with the community members.  From this, they gathered that residents felt an “Ask the Doctor” table would be the most appreciated.   They began having these tables at the market held on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  The information provided highlights appropriate health issues (breast cancer, diabetes, bone health, hypertension, etc) and offers community members the chance to ask questions to doctors in a more informal setting. 

In exchange, City Harvest has allowed us to send our diabetic patients to the market, where they receive a selection of FREE fruits and vegetables.  The portion of fruits and veggies given depends on the household size.  The only requirements are that the patient is diabetic and is from CHCC.  To show the patient meets these requirements, he/she must get a numbered referral card (available from health educator or RN Elenita D'Aloia).  City Harvest then lets us know which of our patients attended the market.

A personal note from Sarah (our previous health educator): "Just to show how important this is to patients, I went to the Mobile Market one Wednesday and ran in to one of our patients who was referred recently.  He had just been diagnosed with diabetes when we first met him and struggled to eat at all, much less eat healthy foods.  He now attends the market twice a month and exercises regularly.  He has gotten his sugar under control and has been able to reduce the metformin he takes.  And he looks great!"

Mobile Market takes place on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 9:30-11:30 at 156th and Morris Avenue.  Two PCSM residents attend each month, and bring health education materials provided by our health educator.  Your New-Innov schedule will say "Market," if you are assigned to Mobile Market that day.  Please check in with the health educator (or chief resident) the week before the market if you are interested in covering a specific health education topic, otherwise you will be provided with materials according to our health education schedule.

Health Education Materials: 

10 Tips for a More Active Family (Spanish)

Plate Planning (Spanish)